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Intergroup has a policy of supporting the formation of new local S.L.A.A. groups in the Sacramento valley and Foothills region. Intergroup will sponsor the cost of providing S.L.A.A. meeting materials and one book, as well as providing contacts and mentoring for those starting a meeting. For information on how to start a group, please visit the S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services website.

Additionally, the following resources are intended to help with the facilitation of an S.L.A.A. group.


Meeting Schedule

Print Meeting Schedule

Recommended Reading

The Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A.

The Twelve Traditions of S.L.A.A.

The S.L.A.A. Preamble

Characteristics of Sex Love Addiction

The 40 Questions of S.L.A.A.

Signs of Recovery

Guidelines for Dealing with Media


Service Position Descriptions

The sample service position descriptions below may be adopted in whole or in part according to each group’s conscience.

Intergroup Representative


Literature Order Form

Download, print, and complete this form to make literature purchases through Intergroup:

Literature Order Form

7th Tradition Donations

Per our 7th Tradition, we only accept donations from members of the Fellowship.

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